NOTE: TEXT ON THIS PAGE TAKEN FROM RUNESCAPE.WIKIA PAGE:ABYSS DATED 2007-08-04 USED UNDER CC-BY-SA LICENCE This article describes the Abyss miniquest and subsequent teleport area. For the area reached by Fairy rings, see Abyssal Area.

The Abyss can help Members increase the speed at which they level Runecrafting by using pouches and/or the abyss. To use either of these, you need to complete a mini-quest detailled at the end of this document.

Location Edit

File:Abyss Road.PNG
 To enter the Abyss located north of edgeville, a player need to complete a mini-quest detailled at the end of this document. Once players have done the "Abyss miniquest", use the 'Teleport' option on the Zamorak mage in the Wilderness north of Edgeville to enter the Abyss.

Warning :

  • It is strongly recommended that players take a method of teleportation due to the inherent nature of the Wilderness.
  • The Abyss is a multi-combat area so it can be dangerous for low level players as multiple monsters can attack simultanely.
  • Upon entering the Abyss, Prayer points are drained to zero, and players will be skulled for ten minutes, meaning that upon death all items will be lost. Each time a player return to abyss he/she will be skulled for ten minutes.

Remark :

  • Inside the abyss, a player is not in the wild any more, he can't be attacked by PKers.
  • Wearing an abyssal bracelet when entering the abyss allows a player not to be skulled, though the prayer still be drained to zero.

Inside the Abyss Edit

The interior of the Abyss is circular, with an 'inner' and 'outer' ring, player will be teleported by the mage in the outside ring, they have to find a way through to the 'inner' ring where the portals to rune altars are.

Outer Ring Edit

The outer ring is a multi combat zone where there are a lot of Abyssal monsters :

Access to the inner ring is gained by using different skills to bypass different obstacles:

These obstacles change of location every trip. There is also one passage that doesn't require any skill. 

Inner ring Edit

The Inner ring is a safe area, players will find no monsters nor pkers inside. There are portals to every Runecrafting altar (except the Astral altar) in the inner ring of the Abyss, which makes crafting a lot of runes a great deal faster. Tiaras and talismans are not needed to access the alters via these portals. All restrictions still apply however; the Cosmic portal cannot be accessed until the Lost City quest has been completed, nor can players bring weapons or armour to access the Law portal located on Entrana, etc.

Remark : There are portals for the non-existent Blood and Soul Altars, implying that these runes will be craftable in the future.

The dark mage standing at the center of the inner ring (yellow spot) is controling the Abyss, he is the one able to repair players rune pouches.


Pouches come in 4 types - 'Small', 'Medium', 'Large' and 'Giant'. Small is obtained from Zamorak Mage, Medium to Giant are dropped by the creatures in the abyss and the abyssal area. You can get one of each but you cannot get more than one. You can only get a pouch if you have all of the smaller pouches - for example, you can only get a Large pouch if you already have a Medium and Small pouch. Pouches are nontradeable.

  • Small pouch holds 3 essence.
  • Medium pouch holds 6 essence and requires 25 runecraft to use.
  • Large pouch holds 9 essence and requires 50 runecraft to use.
  • Giant pouch holds 12 essence and requires 75 runecraft to use.

A player's largest pouch will degrade, resulting in lesser carrying capacity, after filling it ten times; it will darken and a message will appear when this happens. They can be repaired by speaking to the mage in the centre of the Abyss. If damaged pouches are not repaired, their carrying capacity will continue to degrade until they fall apart completely.

  • Note: If you lose your small pouch, you can go to the dark mage, and he will replace it. (If you don't have the small pouch, you cannot get any of the higher ones.) You can also only have one of each pouch.

Strategy Edit

The Abyss is surely the fastest way to increase players runecrafting level, but due to the inherent nature of the Wilderness, players who care about their stuffs should take the following items :

  • "One click" teleportation like ectophial or teleport crystal
  • bronze axe to cut tendrils
  • pouches
  • rune essences
  • duel ring (cheap teleport to castle war)
  • boot of ligthness (to run longer)
  • spottier cape (to run longer)
  • any dragon hide (optionnal) will protect player from magic (pker) and melee (Abyssal Monster)

Steps :

  1. teleport or walk to edgeville
  2. bank, deposit glory amulet, get essences, fill pouches,
  3. run to abyss (2 roads)
  4. find tendrils and cut them or find eyes and distract them
  5. enter altar
  6. runecraft essences, empty pouches, runecraft essence
  7. teleport to castle war
  8. bank, get glory amulet
  9. teleport to edgeville (glory amulet)
  10. go to step 2

This strategy will avoid players to lose a valuable glory amulet or valuables stuffs. If you forget your ring, just home tele and run to bank.

Abyss MiniquestEdit

  1. Go directly north of Edgeville and speak to the Zamorak Mage in level 5 wilderness. He will tell you to talk to him back in Varrock.
  2. Go to Varrock and go to the temple by Aubury's rune shop. He will give you a scrying orb and tell you to teleport to the rune essence via 3 locations.
  3. Get to the rune essence from 3 locations, your choices are Aubury in Varrock, Wizard Cromperty in Ardougne, Wizard Distentor in the Magic Guild, Wizard Sedridor in the Wizards' Tower south of Draynor Village, and Brimstail the gnome hiding in a cave north-west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
  4. Once you've done this, and your orb is charged return to the Zamorak Mage in Varrock.
  5. You will receive 1,000 runecrafting xp and a small pouch, and have access to the Abyss.

The small pouch allows you to carry 3 essences in a single inventory spot, allowing you to craft more runes per trip. You can also get other pouches from inside the Abyss itself.

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