This term can apply to many different types of Bows, which require varying levels of Ranged levels to use:

Level Name Ammo
1 Shortbow Up to Iron
1 Longbow Up to Iron
5 Oak shortbow Up to Steel
5 Oak longbow Up to Steel
20 Willow shortbow Up to Mithril
20 Willow longbow Up to Mithril
30 Maple shortbow Up to Adamant
30 Maple longbow Up to Adamant
40 Yew shortbow Up to Rune
40 Yew longbow Up to Rune
50 Magic shortbow Up to Rune
50 Magic longbow Up to Rune
60 Dark bow Up to Dragon
70 Crystal bow (with 50 Agility) None

You could also be referring to unfinished bows, which are created using the Fletching skill:

Level Name Log type Experience
1 Shortbow (u) Logs
1 Longbow (u) Logs
5 Oak shortbow (u) Oak logs
5 Oak longbow (u) Oak logs
20 Willow shortbow (u) Willow logs
20 Willow longbow (u) Willow logs
30 Maple shortbow (u) Maple logs
30 Maple longbow (u) Maple logs
40 Yew shortbow (u) Yew logs
40 Yew longbow (u) Yew logs
50 Magic shortbow (u) Magic logs
50 Magic longbow (u) Magic logs

You may also be referring to Crossbows.

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