There are many different types of crossbows that require different Ranged levels to wield.

Level Crossbow name Bolts
1 Crossbow Bronze

Phoenix crossbow

1 Bronze c'bow Bronze
16 Blurite c'bow Up to Blurite
26 Iron c'bow Up to Iron
28 Dorgeshuun c'bow Up to Iron
31 Steel c'bow Up to Steel
36 Mithril c'bow Up to Mithril
46 Adamant c'bow Up to Adamant
50 Hunters c'bow Kebbit bolts
61 Rune c'bow Up to Rune

You may also be referring to unfinished crossbows that require different Fletching levels to create.

Level Name Limbs Stock Experience
9 Bronze c'bow (u) Bronze Wooden
24 Blurite c'bow (u) Blurite Oak
39 Iron c'bow (u) Iron Willow
46 Steel c'bow (u) Steel Teak
54 Mithril c'bow (u) Mithril Maple
61 Adamant c'bow (u) Adamant Mahogany
69 Rune c'bow (u) Runite Yew

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