Falador Fountain
Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Kingdom of Asgarnia
Inhabitants Unknown

Falador is a city to the west of Varrock and Barbarian Village. There are no requirements to go there. There are various quests you can get here, as well as shops you can buy from. South of it you can find Port Sarim, a farming patch, Rimmington, and the air altar. There are two banks in Falador.


You can find the Falador General Store near the north entrance, which sells the standard items, along with whatever players have sold to it. Next to the General Store, you can find Flynn's Mace Market, which is relatively unknown as maces are not very good weapons. On the other side of the General Store you can find Cassie's Shield Shop, which sells kite and square shield up to mithril. Harquin's Gems can also be found here, but who really usese gem stores anyway. Wayne's Chains can be found south of White Knight's Castle, which sells chainmail up to adamant. Finally, there is the (free) hairdresser to change hair and facial hair.

NPCs/Places of InterestEdit

You can find the White Knight's Castle in Falador as it is their city. The castle has a few good uses for players, such as a prayer altar. The castle is home to the leader of Falador/the White Knights, Sir Amik Varze. In the park you can find Sir Tiffy Cashien (Get it?). He is an important NPC in many quests. The Mining Guild can also be found here which requires 66 mining to enter. All the other shops apply here as well.