Fishing is a skill that allows players to catch fish. Fishing spots require certain tools (Small net, Fishing rod and bait, etc.) to catch certain fish. Fish may be cooked to gain Cooking experience. Once it is cooked, it can be eaten to restore health.

Level Fish
1 Shrimp
5 Sardine
10 Herring
15 Anchovies
16 Mackerel, Oyster, Caskets
20 Trout
23 Cod
25 Pike
30 Salmon
35 Tuna
40 Lobster
46 Bass
50 Swordfish
62 Monkfish
76 Shark
79 Sea Turtle
81 Manta Ray

Level Tool
1 Small net
5 Fishing Rod & Bait
16 Big Net

Fly Fishing Rod & Feather

35 Harpoon
40 Lobster pot

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