Green dragon

Green Dragons are extremely dangerous level 79 monsters found in the Wilderness. Despite their somewhat low level, they can hit as much as 50 hitpoints if the player is not protected with an Anti-dragon shield. They are commonly killed for their 100% drops of Dragon Bones and Green dragonhide, which can be sold for high prices.


Dragon bones(always)

Green dragonhide(always)

Steel platelegs(common)

Mithril kiteshield(uncommon)

Adamant full helm(rare)

Steel battleaxe(common)

Mithril axe(common)

Mithril spear(uncommon)

Rune dagger(uncommon)

Water rune(75)

Fire rune(37) 

Nature rune(15)

Law Rune(3)


Hard clue scroll(rare)


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