Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Inhabitants Unknown
Lumbridge is the town which players spawn and respawn after death. It has a variety of places where people can train basic skill, for example, mining, woodcutting, fishing, cooking, thieving, ect. It is also next to a bank and the River Lum canoe system, so is of the utmost convenience for new players. Some quests can be started here, for example Cook's Assistant, Sheep ShearerRune Mysteries, Recipe for Disaster, etc. When you home teleport, you teleport to Lumbridge Castle Coutyard, so it can be considered, for some players, home.


Shop Name Picture Minipap view Shop keeper(s) Sells Shop Interface 
Lumbridge General Store General store view LumbGenStoreMinimap

Shop keeper, Shop assistant

General Goods General Store
Bob's Brilliant Axes Bob's Axes
Bob's Axes Minimap
Bob Axes Bob's Axes Interface

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