Green dragon bot (NOT a botting program)

Macroing, or botting, is using software not made by Jagex to aid the player in RuneScape. The use of this software is strictly prohibited, and you should report anyone who you notice is using one. If Jagex finds them to be guilty of using this, they will ban the offender's account or reset their stats. DO NOT bot, or you will lose even what you legitimately attained. Furthermore, many programs will claim to aid you in game but will actually just steal your account information.  

Bot BehaviorEdit


-Repeating the same thing over and over again, such as advertising a YouTube channel, at a rate that is inhuman.

-Walking only in a straight line.

-Not responding 

-Extremely random names, such as "nsjgvqiuwe"


-Cutting Willows near Draynor

-Killing Rock Crabs near Relekka

-Fishing in various places, especially Catherby

-Killing Chickens near Lumbridge

-Killing Green Dragons in the Wilderness

-Killing Experiments near Canifis

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