Magic is a skill that determines how much damage you can deal with spells. Spells can be cast by a player with runes, consisting of: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Mind, Body, Chaos, Nature, Death, Blood, and many more. The higher level your Magic skill is, the more spells you can cast. Although spells can be cast for combat purposes, there are also non-combat spells, such as Teleporting, Enchanting, Alchemy Conjouring, Orb Charging and Smelting. 

A player can changed their Spellbook from the normal one, to the Acient Spellbook. To do this the player must have completed the Quest, Desert Treasure. The Acient Spell book contains different spells, such as AoE spells like Ice Barrage to different Teleport Locations. The home spell is also changed from Lumbridge, to Edgeville. 

Weapons such as Staff of Air, Earth, Fire and Water will help a player a lot when training Magic, if the play decides to equip a Staff of Air, they will not need to use Air runes and the same with the other staffs. 

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