Mining is a skill that allows you to use pickaxes to mine ores from viens. Pickaxes of higher quality can be used to mine faster. The higher leveled the ore, the longer it will take to mine. Ores may be mined only after a certain mining level requirement has been met. This skill goes hand-in-hand with the Smithing skill.


Ores may only be mined after a certain Mining level has been met.

Level Ore
1 Tin Ore
1 Copper Ore
10 Blurite Ore

(after The Knight's Sword)

15 Iron Ore
30 Coal
40 Gold Ore
55 Mithril Ore
70 Adamant Ore
85 Runite Ore


Pickaxes may only be wielded after a certain Attack level has been met, but may only be used for mining after you reach a certain Mining level.

Level Pickaxe
1 Bronze Pickaxe
1 Iron Pickaxe
6 Steel Pickaxe
21 Mithril Pickaxe
31 Adamant Pickaxe
41 Rune Pickaxe
61 Dragon Pickaxe