Mogres can be killed at level 32 slayer, after completing the Mogre miniquest. The can be summoned by using a Fishing explosive on an ominous fishing spots on Mudskipper Point. Their combat level is 60, with a maximum hit of 8. 

Drops Edit

Always Edit

Item Amount Rarity
Big bones Big bones 1 Always

Staves/Runes Edit

Item Amount Rarity
WaterRuneIcon Water rune 5-18 Uncommon
Staff of water Staff of water 1 Rare

Fish Edit

Item Amount Rarity
RawSardineIcon Raw sardine 1 Uncommon
RawHerringIcon Raw herring 1 Uncommon
RawTroutIcon Raw trout 1 Uncommon
RawPikeIcon Raw pike 1 Uncommon
RawSalmonIcon Raw salmon 1 Common
RawTunaIcon Raw tuna 1 Uncommon
RawSwordfishIcon Raw swordfish 1 Common
RawSharkIcon Raw Shark 1 Uncommon

Other Edit

Item Amount Rarity
Fishing bait Fishing bait 5-15 Common
Mudskipper hat Mudskipper hat 1 Uncommon
Seaweed Seaweed 1 Rare
Oyster Oyster 1 Rare

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