Rock crab

Rock Crabs are level 13 monsters found both north and northeast of Rellekka. They are very popular for training because of their high hitpoints and low defensive and offensive stats. They appear to be rocks until you approach them, and will attack you when you come too close. Because of their great experience rates, they are very crowded around the clock, often by bots.


As with all agressive monsters, if you stay too long in the area, the rock crabs will become passive and will stay as rocks when aproached. This can be avoided by running south and back or by entering the cave east of the rock crabs and exiting it. The second option only works with the rock crabs north east of Rellekka, though, and so it is recommended to kill rock crabs there for higher experience rates.


Oyster (1-2)



Clue Scroll (easy)

Copper Ore

Tin Ore

Spinach Roll

Ediable Seaweed (2)

Seaweed (2-4)

Opal Bolt Tips 

Seaweed (1-5)

Dragon Med Helm (Very Rare)

Half of a key

Uncut sapphire