Tree Spirit2

A Tree Spirit is a Random Event which occurs when woodcutting. It is a monster which attacks the woodcutter, shouting "Leave these woods and never return!" If the woodcutter runs away, the spirit  disappears, with the same red glow as when it appeared. The examine text is "A very angry wood nymph." If the player takes too long to kill it, it will disappear. Once a player has completed Fairytale Part II Cure a Queen, they can use the fairy ring code BKQ. They will end up in the Enchanted Valley, chopping any tree here will result in a Tree spirit.



Steel axe, Mithril axe, Adamant axe, Rune axe.


Nature runes (2, 5, 22)


Avantoe seed, Belladonna seed, Cactus seed, Cadantine seed, Dwarf weed seed, Irit seed, Kwuarm seed, Lantadyme seed, Toadflax seed, Poison ivy seed.


Herb, Knife, Nature Talisman, Uncut emerald, Uncut ruby, Uncut sapphire.

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