The skill of cutting trees down using hatchets for logs

Trees by Level:

Level 1 Normal trees
Level 1 Achey trees
Level 15 Oak Trees
Level 30

Willow Trees

Level 35 Teak Trees
Level 45 Maple Trees
Level 45 Hollow Trees
Level 50 Mahogany Trees
Level 54 Arctic Pine Trees
Level 60 Yew Trees
Level 75 Magic Trees

Axes/Hatchets by Level:

Level 1  Bronze axe , Iron axe
Level 6 Steel axe , Black axe
Level 21 Mithril axe
Level 31 Adamant axe
Level 41 Rune axe
Level 61 Dragon axe

You can also make canoes for fast travel along the river:

Level 12 Log Canoe
Level 27 Dugout Canoe
Level 42 Stable dugout Canoe
Level 57 Waka Canoe

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